Sardine Run ScubaCo

Sardine Run ScubaCo


Sardine Run ScubaCo 2023 Dates Available: 

  1. 11 June to 17 June
  2. 18 June to 24 June
  3. 25 June to 01 July
  4. 2 July to 08 July 
  5. 09 July to 15 July

Join the annual Sardine Run Scubaco in the beautiful Mpame, Transkei.

Every year off the coast of South Africa, billions of sardine’s spawns in the cool waters of the Agulhas bank. From there they usually split into thousands of shoals as they move northward along the east coast of South Africa.

With this immense amount of migrating fishes it attracts the oceans apex’s predators who work together to round up and get in on this feeding frenzy.

A Typical Day with Scuba CO

Depart from the beach at approximately 7am – 7:30am and remain on the ocean until approximately 2pm conditions dependent.

Every morning we receive detailed updates about the marine life movement so that we can spend the day at sea following the “action.”

This possibly includes the sardines with numerous shark species, Humpback whales and dolphin super pods joining this migration, throw in the hyperactive Cape Gannets to this mix and we have the ultimate Marine Migration.

Conditions permitting you will be continuously in and out of the water on SNORKEL following the marine life.

You need to be physically fit in order to keep up, as the fish move fast. Once a static bait ball forms, you will be able to get into the water on SCUBA to see this phenomenon from under water.

What this means…The birds to work together with the dolphins and sharks to stop the sardines moving fast. The whole bait ball needs to STATIC for you to be able to keep up while scuba diving. For this reason, 95% of Sardine Run experiences take place on SNORKEL.

Your Accommodation – Bulls Inn Fishing Lodge

The lodge is nestled on a secluded beach between the valleys of the Transkei. Not only will you be able to experience the largest underwater migration during this time, but also the raw & unspoiled beauty of the Wild Coast.

With endless & untouched beaches, stunning green cliffs that provides a view like nowhere else in South Africa. With nothing for miles, only the open ocean with whales breaching every minute….indeed a special adventure trip for everyone!

Bull’s Inn is a family run business, providing you with a homely stay, home cooked meals and a family atmosphere. Your comfort at the resort and enjoyment of the Sardine Run ScubaCOare vitally important to everyone.

After a day spent on the Sardine Run, star gazing is an easy way to pass a laid-back evening, where you can rest up, relax, and replenish your reserves for the next sea days which will be spent amidst the excitement of the Sardine Run!

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5 sardine run ocean days
Experienced Divemaster & Skipper
6 nights accommodation on the beach
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The typical and most talked about sardine run action consists of the shoals of sardine’whether by themselves or with some sort of predator feeding on the bait ball of sardines. But the beauty of the sardine run to me is that you just never know what you are going to experience. Just being out on the boat for the day and taking in the beautiful Transkei coastline is completely under rated in my opinion. Other sightings on the boat which are always incredible to witness are the whales breaching, whales tail / fin slapping the surface, the massive super pods of dolphins moving past the boat and birds diving into the water to get their share of fish. This year there were multiple sightings of Orca’s / killer whales on the surface which was incredible. They don’t call this area the wild coast for nothing! 

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